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Hair Extensions 101

We only work with 100% human, remy hair. The term ‘remy’ means that the hair cuticle's are all facing the same direction, ensuring hair is smooth, shiny and healthy.  We work with ALL the tops brands of hair extensions, and depending on your hair type, we will determine which brand would be best for you.


The top brands we use are: Great Lengths, Dream Catchers, Hair Dreams, Bellami, Tony Odisho, Hair Talk, Hot Heads, Donna Bella, Short 2 Long, Cinderella and SoCap, to name a few. There is a large variety of colors and textures available to ensure a seamless blend with your own hair. We can even create a new look for you by using the extensions to add a pop of color or give you an ombre or balayage effect without having to color your own hair!

We also offer several different methods of how the extensions can be applied to your hair and depending on your hair type and lifestyle, we can choose the method best suitable for you. Here is a brief description of the methods we offer and what is involved.

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fusion method.jpg

The Fusion Method

With this method, small pieces of hair that are pre-bonded with a keratin bond are melted and then fused onto the client’s hair. Once each piece is in the bonds resemble a grain of rice. They are the least detectible of any of the methods, creating a very natural look! This method is great for fine, medium or thick hair. For client’s with very fine hair, pieces can be further cut down to make them super tiny and undetectable. We stay at least an inch away from the front hairline and a little higher in the back of the head so that a client can pull their hair up in a high ponytail or bun without worrying that someone can see those bonds. The hair is not reusable for this method.

The Microbead Method

This method is also known as the I-link method. With this method, we use a small bead and thread some of the client’s own hair through the bead then put the extension piece in the bead and clamp it shut. The benefits of this method are that the hair is reusable and can last for up to 8 months and some clients also like the fact that the hair is technically not attached to their own hair. Client’s must come in for maintenance every 8 weeks, where the bead is opened and moved up closer to the head again, as they will grow out with a client’s own hair.  This method is good for *fine, medium and thick hair.  Again, we stay at least an inch away from the hairline so a client can pull their hair up without noticing the beads.

*For clients with super fine hair this method would not be good because of the tension the bead can place on the client’s own hair. A consultation will determine whether a client’s hair is suitable for this method.

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tape in.jpg

Tape In Method

For this method the extensions are typically about an inch wide and a top and bottom piece are taped together at the root with a clients own hair in between, creating a ‘sandwich’. This method is good for clients that typically wear their hair down most of the time, because pulling it up can be challenging without exposing the extensions. This method is great for fine hair as variations can be made using smaller pieces or even using only a top piece with single sided tape underneath. Keep in mind that for clients with fine, blonde hair they can be more noticeable than with someone with fine, dark hair.  This method is also great for medium and thick hair. Maintenance must be done on average of every 8 weeks where we will remove the extensions, add new tape to each piece and reapply them. Hair is reusable for at least 2 more times after initial application.

Beaded Weft Method

For this method, the client’s hair is first parted, and a row of microbeads is placed around the client’s head. Then a weft of hair is sewn through those beads. This method is good for thin (not super thin), medium and thick hair. Benefits are that a weft can add a lot of hair in a short amount of time. Drawbacks are that the client can be limited with putting their hair up. Maintenance is every 4-6 weeks where the weft will be removed, the beads tightened, and the weft reapplied.  This hair is reusable for approximately 6-8 months.

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