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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will they damage my hair?
    With proper care the effect to a client’s natural hair can be minimal. However, you need to make sure you are taking care of them or they can potentially damage your hair.
  • How do I care for them? This is super important!!
    *For the fusion and tape methods, you must wait 48 hours before washing your hair after the service is complete. We always remind our clients of this the day of their service. Note: for the microbead and weft extensions you can wash your hair at any time. *Always use a sulfate free shampoo that is not infused with keratin or other proteins, this can weaken the bonds and cause the extensions to fall out prematurely. Also, do not use shampoo’s that contain any oils, or use any oily product or conditioner near the bond. This can cause the extensions to slip or fall out. We can recommend some great products for you. *With any of the methods we always recommend using a ‘Wet’ brush (that is the brand name and can be used on wet or dry hair) it is an extremely gentle brush, and make a habit of brushing directly over the bond. This will help the extensions from getting tangled together. *Put your hair in a loose braid or ponytail when sleeping and try not to go to bed with wet hair. *If you are going swimming put your hair in a braided ponytail or bun, this will keep your hair from getting tangled. If you get chlorinated or salt water on your hair, make sure it gets shampooed at some point that day.
  • How much do they cost?
    Pricing can vary, depending on the look a client is trying to achieve. Is the client happy with the length of their own hair and just wants a bit more fullness or does a client with short hair want to go long? That will determine how much hair a client will need. Also, the brand used, and length are a factor that affects pricing. Typically, a client will need 2-6 bundles of hair, and prices start at $175 per bundle. For extensions that require regular maintenance, which would be the microbead, tape in and weft methods, maintenance is $150 per hour and can take on average 2 hours, give or take. Removals of any extensions are $85 per hour and the price can increase to $100 per hour is there is severe tangling or matting.
  • How long does my own hair have to be?
    We always suggest that a client’s own hair is at least 4 inches long, this will ensure a seamless blend once the extensions are in. However, there are instances when a client can have shorter hair, and this can be discussed during a consultation.
  • How long do they last?
    Fusion method: Average is about 4 months, (maybe a little less for super fine hair) with no maintenance in between. Hair is not reusable. Tape In Method: Typically a client can get to 8 weeks before needing maintenance done. Although lifestyle is a factor, for those that love hot yoga or wash their hair every day, you may need maintenance sooner. Hair can be reused at least 2 more times after initial application. Microbead Method: About 8 weeks before maintenance needs to be done. Hair is reusable for an average of 8 months. However, there are instances when it can last longer, for example clients that only wash their hair once or twice a week and use great products. Beaded Weft Method: About 4-6 weeks before maintenance needs to be done. Hair is reusable and can last on average 8 months.
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